Venture English Instructors:

Venture is proud to offer classes taught by highly qualified and fluent speakers of English. We guarantee an American or U.K. teacher in every class to ensure that fluency, grammar and pronunciation are perfect. This level and quality of education is currently unmatched in all of Uttar Pradesh which makes Venture English Institute the best in India.

Meet your teachers:


Ryan Vars
Director and Teacher

Ryan Vars (B.A.)
Ryan is both a Director and Teacher in the  TRSVenture Education Group. He is also Certified as a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Instructor. Ryan has 12 years experience in public speaking and presentation.He is an exciting and gifted teacher who has been living in Varanasi for 4 years. Ryan also has his own Web Design company,, and is interested in developing a strong outsourcing program under the TRSVenture Group Umbrella.

Ryan is also a husband and the father of a beautiful girl and a handsome boy.


Charles Sneezby
Teacher and Coach

Charles Sneezby (B.A. & M.A.)
Charles was summa cum laude (top of his class) in Inter-Cultural-Studies at Biola and has a Masters of Linguistics from Benarus Hindu University (BHU). He has over 20 years experience teaching language and phonetics in Asian countries and now has been living in Varanasi for more than 10 years.

Charles is passionate about people and about learning. He is a tenacious reader and loves a good debate. He is also a husband and father of a beautiful girl and a handsome boy.